Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Haitian Delegation! Day 1

     Today started the first chapter in Tech Valley High School's 2nd Haitian Delegation. I, Ben Johnson, am one of the 8 students on this second delegation. I also was on the first delegation that the school had sent. Each of the blog posts this time around will be told by a different students perspective, with their personal thoughts and feelings on each day, with me being the first post. 

     I had awoken this day, January 7th, with one thought in my head. Today was the day that I would be going back to Haiti to help once more, the village of Cormier. This time we were going down to build solar driers that could be used to dry fruit like mangoes. We will also be going to the Bigonet School again, to help teach arts and sustainability to the students. 

      We were to be at school at 3:20 am to leave at 3:30. We took Today's Limousine "Party Bus" to JFK where we arrived at 6:30 am. After going through check-in and security, we arrived at our gate 5 mins before we were asked to board. We were supposed to leave at 8:51am, but because of baggage issues we left at 9:45. 

     After a 4 hour flight, we had finally arrived in Haiti and left the airport and began our 2 hour journey to Leogane, where our hotel, The Arawak Hotel, waited for our arrival. When we arrived, we checked into our rooms and relaxed until dinner with the APMKL and Cormier Leaders. At the dinner we had introduced ourselves and talked about our goals and plans for our time together.

     I hope to gain even more knowledge and life lessons through this trip and just see the progress that the community has made since last February. I know that helping the community this next week will  make me want to help more and more to not only this community but my world community 

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