Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 6 - Drew

Hey Drew here! 

            Let me just say that my time in Haiti has been absolutely amazing. We've helped so many people and put so many smiles on people's faces. We've done everthing, from going to schools and donating supplies, doing activities with the kids, and to providing compost and water to fields of mango trees and cherry trees. Its been insane.

But you've heard enough of this from the other students. Today was good. We started off the day with breakfast as usual and then we took a solid 4 hour hike I want to say. We visited a waterfall and cave (I love hiking so I was loving this trip). The cave had sacred markings in it because the cave was where the Haitians would run off to and hide from the people enslaving them and making them work. After the trip back from the hike we went to the community center for lunch and to hang out for a bit. 

Lunch went about as usual. Amazing chicken, fried plantains, rice and some spicy slaw. After lunch is where things get interesting for me. I finished my lunch and in the middle of the plot of land the community center is on is a big tree, perfect for climbing. So I did what everybody would do and climb it. I go to pull myself onto a branch and "SNAP" the branch I'm using for leverage breaks. I fell just a short distance and scraped my elbow, but it's all okay no need to worry! But yeah that was my eventful lunch!

After lunch and after recuperating, we took part in comemorating the 4th year of recovery since the terrible earthquake in 2010. At the very end, we sang the first verse of the Haitian National Anthem, led by us, the students. Then everyone made their way back to the community center in song, and I know that this song is going to be in my head forever (thanks, Tonya).

Once we got back to the community center we watched a theater performance. It was all in Creole so us delegates had no clue want was exactly going on. Jenny and I, eventually made our own dialogue and it was pretty good. After this we had dinner and sat around in the dark enjoying some music and singing. We were supposed to stay later than we usually did but Fritz, the hotel owner, came with his van and we all left about our usual time. 

And to end the day off, were all watching Jurassic Park 3. So I guess your all fought up for today, this was Drew and I'm signing off. Whos gonna be tomorrows blogger?? Don't change the channel everybody, well be back soon! Bye! 

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