Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 8 - Garrick

Today will be our final full day in Haiti. We've all agreed that it was a fun experience, but we will miss it here, and I personally will miss it because I feel almost as cozy here as I do at home.

For the beginning of the end of our stay, we enjoyed a breakfast of pasta. During breakfast, me and Drew made a mistake. There was hot sauce on the table, and we covered our pasta in it, ignoring the label saying "One drop does it." We eacy ate a big forkful of sauce-laden pasta, which left us sweating and thirsty. We decided that listening to the label is a good idea.

After breakfast, we boarded the tap-tap we liked the best out of the two, Ebenezer, and went down to Cormier for a final meeting and delivering of donated supplies, and we said our goodbyes and departed to return to the hotel.

   (Ms. Penniman and her sister address the people of Cormier) 

Upon returning, we settled in again and had lunch. After a couple of hours of resting and napping, we were up and began to head to our next fun community venue.

We went to a community music and dance event called Ayiti Vivan that was going on less than a minute's walk from the hotel. I had shown up a bit after the others because  I wanted to get a bit of shuteye.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see it so lively and energetic. After settling in with a few of the other delegates, we enjoyed the music and danced to particularly catchy songs. It was fun to me because I'm a music person, and having never heard Haitian hip-hop before, I was enthralled.

After roughly an hour or so, the singers who were friends of Ms. Penniman went on stage and sang some songs together, a couple of which we knew and sang along with. It was a great experience, and I'm glad I didn't pass it up.

We then returned to the hotel after we had been satisfied at the concert, and we had bonding time sitting around a table chatting. All in all, not a bad finale to our trip. It's been fun. Good night, and keep it real.

(The house the delegation last year helped built) 

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