Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 5 - Arianna

We got to sleep in today! That was great because after all the hard work we have been doing, I was tired.  Then we were surprised with the most delicious crapes and fresh bananas, Papaya, and mango.  Then we got on the tap taps and left for the community center!

When we got there, everyone except Jenny and myself went to go care for the trees by adding fertilizer and watering them and work on the Solar Dehydrator. Jenny and I went to the 3rd and final woman's empowerment meeting because our j-term project is backed on health. In this meeting we observed some of the women in the community being taught things like how to take care of yourself, sex education and how to make relaxing body oil. I thought this was really good because the women were really happy to have the nicely scented oils and looked happy after they took the time to stretch.

After the meeting was over we had lunch. There was rice, chicken and plantains.  Then after lunch once again everyone but Jenny and I went to care for the trees again, but this time we did arts and crafts with some of the children. We made animal puppets and a fishing polls and fish game. The game was that you had to try and attach the magnet on the string of the fishing poll, and stick it to the magnet on the mouth of the fish. So you basically "catch the fish". It was fun to see the smiling faces of the children when they played with their new tours or the glitter we used to make it.

After we finished this we all got back as a group and got on the tap taps back to the hotel. When we got back we had a great dinner of BBQ chicken, salad, and rice. After dinner Ben, Kayla, and I had a conversation about our Views of the world. Overall,  I thought that today was a pretty great day!

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  1. LOVE the pics, especially the last one showing the landscape - it is truly gorgeous there!