Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mangoes (Ms. Penniman)

Hands calloused and muscles sore... the solar mango dryer is complete, hundreds of trees received compost, weeding and water, classes in Bigonet School successfully offered. Of particular beauty was Anax's hillside farm, over which the children scrambled to the very top and beckoned us. From there we could see mountains behind mountains in all directions. We declared "Ayiti belle!" Tomorrow we commemorate the anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake. Deep breathe as we prepare to hold space around this incredible tragedy. Beautiful day!

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  1. deye mon ge mon! behind mountains there are more mountains, I still remember that! wonderful pictures, it sounds like a lot of work is being done! It's nice to hear about the trees from last year, do you think you could post a picture of that main hillside from last year? It'd be cool to see the difference! (it is quite possible a picture like that has already been posted, I will look again for it!) Best wishes for the rest of the trip!
    ~Alysha G.