Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 7 - Thomas

Today we got up around 6 in the morning and had eggs with peppers, toast, bananas, mangoes, and papayas. We left for "Bassen Bleu" near Jacmel at 7:15. It was a really long and bumpy ride, but the view from up on the mountains were beautiful.

We arrived at Bassen Bleu at 9. The walk down to Bassen Bleu was very rocky but beautiful. When we got to Bassen Bleu we had to climb down the rocks with a rope. There was a waterfall in the back of the bassin that was a very popular swimming spot, so of course we had to stop there! The waterfall was beautiful, it was so clean and refreshing.

When we were done at Bassen Bleu we went to a beach on the Carribbean Sea in Jacmel. The sea was beautiful and warm. For lunch we had the choice of lobster, conch, red snapper, or chicken. The lobster was very good but had a little kick. Shortly after lunch we all got back into the van and head back to Leogane!

 Dinner was very nice it included all of our favorite foods like rice, bean puree, salad, and barbeque chicken. Reginal was also here again to showcase his works and sell them. After dinner we went back to our rooms to hang out, write this blog post, and get ready since tomorrow is our last full day in Haiti! Until tomorrow!

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